Best Vegan-Friendly Protein Powders for Bodybuilding

Best Vegan-Friendly Protein Powders for BodybuildingAre you a vegetarian and tired of listening about transforming yourself into a non-vegetarian to gain muscle? If so, you are at the right place.

Hope you are not convinced with the myth that veggie intakes cannot give you the amount of protein you need to gain mass. Bodybuilding Supplements There are large ways of protein intake other than non-vegetarian food supplements. With regards to protein powder, dairy items are by all account not the only choices. Truth be told, there are more veggie lover decisions than ever! So, if you are a veggie lover and about to start bodybuilding, here are your options:

Soy protein

Soy protein apart from being a complete vegetarian’s diet contains all the eight essential amino acids. It is the best alternative for animal protein in your food. According to proven researchers, soy protein is a great source of obesity control. With low saturated fat, it not only reduces body weight but also helps in blood sugar control.

If you intake around four servings a day, you can keep a control on cholesterol very easily.
As soy protein is extracted from soybean, after it has been defatted, it gives many health benefits including a healthy heart.

Soy is a recommended source of protein from many respected dieticians in the world. However, even after being a nutrient rich product, it has been into controversies from ages.
Myths surrounding Soy

#1 All Soy is not GMO

GMO is being questioned for their safety for human consumption globally and so are banned in many European countries. Though a significant amount of soy is genetically modified and labelled as GMO soy, all soy is not GMO soy. Non-GMO soy products are still available in the market, in large quantities. To make sure you are not buying a GMO soy product check the label on the pack where it is explicitly mentioned, whether the product is genetically modified or not.

#2 You may grow man boobs

Gynecomastia or man boobs is another myth associated with soy. Before believing in any myth surrounding any product, you should do a research and remove your doubts. If soy were to generate a new organ in you, many men around the world would have been roaming in bra.

Clinically proven, Soy contains phytoestrogen, which is a plant derived compound found in not only soy but also many other vegetables. Phytoestrogen has many health benefits but is often confused with oestrogen. However, studies say that phytoestrogen has no effects on test and do not have any feminising effects.

#3  Soy causes cancer

Due to the presence of Phytoestrogen in soy, it has been dragged into the debate of whether soy increases cancer cell or not. However, it is a complete myth, instead of the regular and moderate amount of soy intake can reduce the risk of cancer.

Whey Protein

Whey being one of the two proteins found in milk is very helpful in completing daily protein intake targets. Whey is extracted from the liquid portion created as a byproduct of cheese making process. As the muscles rapidly absorb whey, it is a good supplement for muscle gain, muscle strength and development of lean tissue mass. Whey is also available in daily foods like bread and ice-cream.

Whey is no less than soy protein and consists of all the essential amino acids in the proper amount. With consistent exercise, whey works like magic.

You get whey in four different forms:

#1  WPC (Whey Protein Concentrate)
Concentrates come with a low fat and cholesterol level but have higher bioactive compounds.

#2   WPI (Whey Protein Isolate)
Isolates are excellent for those who believe in hardcore exercising as they consist of 90%+ protein, with low lactose, low fat and low bioactive compounds.

#3 WPH (Whey Protein Hydrolysate)
Hydrolysate is useful for them who need easier metabolism and no allergy products. Hydrolysates are higher in price as they are predigested and hydrolysed.

#4  Native Whey
Native whey is produced as isolates and concentrates, but is not a byproduct of cheese making process.

Why can Whey be your one of the best choices when you want to get back into shape?

Whey keeps you full and reduces hunger. Which helps you stay away from foods with high fat and high cholesterol.
Whey keeps your health and reduces the risk of cancer.
Whey improves your immunity and strength.

Whey is your ultimate source of pre and post workout protein.

Casein Protein

Other than whey, Casein is another form of protein that you get from milk. It is a kind of phosphoprotein. Casein makes around 80% of the protein in cow’s milk.
Though whey is your ultimate source of protein, you cannot ignore the benefits of casein. Here is a list how Casein can fulfil what is left after Whey.
#1  Slow and steady wins the race
The best that casein gives you is time. Casein works slowly in your body and helps increase muscle strength throughout the night. Before going to bed, a glass of milk with casein can give your body enough time to consume necessary amino acids.

#2  Higher metabolic rate with balanced fat
With a full stomach, Casein gives you a better chance to reduce fat. You will not feel hungry, and you will not gain any extra fat. Intake of Casein also improves your metabolic rate.
#3  No Dental Checkup
Adding casein protein in your regular diet improves your dental health. According to studies, Casein can reduce effects of enamel erosion.

Pea Protein

Surprised to hear this name? You will be even more surprised to know how active pea protein can be for your bodybuilding. Pea protein provides an immense amount of protein if taken in moderate proportions.

In a period when many individuals are winding up noticeably more environment-friendly, pea protein is a plant-based alternative that uses fewer assets and detours the frequently inefficient industry expected to create the dairy in casein-based items.

Pea protein is a tasty source of protein intake which helps your body run usually. It contributes to building body tissues like hair, skin and nails. It gives you amino acids that maintain your DNA and hormones.

If you want to convert fatty acids of your body into energy, pea protein is the best choice for you. Pea protein creates lysine content in your body which converts fatty acids into energy. The lysine content is not made naturally in the body so you need to consume it through some other source.



Hemp Protein

If you are looking for a High-fiber protein supplement, hemp is the right choice. Hemp protein is extracted from the hemp seeds and is very high in fibre. Many athletes prefer consuming hemp protein due to its quality of easy digestibility being anti-fatigue and increasing immunity.

As hemp is grown without pesticides and herbicides, it has a very less chance of having allergic components. Other than its muscle building benefits hemp protein has other health benefits like normal kidney function and normal cardiac functions.

Egg Protein

Egg protein powders are ideal for those who are allergic to dairy proteins or milk proteins like whey and casein. Egg protein powders are purely made of egg whites, which makes them high in protein and low on fat and cholesterol.

To keep you away from the temptations of fatty foods, Egg protein is perfect. As it takes the time to get digested, egg protein keeps you full and satisfied. Egg protein includes all the necessary amino acids that an average human body needs, to grow.

No need to worry about the awful smelly raw eggs, as these protein powders come in a variety of delicious and natural flavours.

Rice Protein

Believe it or not, but rice is not just a carb. Those who do not favour taking whey or soy can go for the rice protein. This is the best alternative for all who do not want to take whey, soy and egg.

Rice protein is made by treating brown rice with enzymes, which separates protein from carbohydrates. Rice powder is a box full of nutrients, with vitamin E, vitamin B, fibre, amino acid and protein.

Did you face upset stomach issues after having whey or other supplements? If so, try Rice protein. There are no side effects and no tummy issues. To lose weight and gain muscles, brown rice protein is the best alternative for vegans.

Being vegetarian cannot be your weakness. As protein is an essential nutrient in bodybuilding, vegetarians can fill the nutritional gap using these protein powders.